We tailor our pricing to fit your needs.

Here are some options for structuring our fees:

1. Traditional Hourly Rate

          Steve's Hourly Rate: $325

          Caitlyn's Hourly Rate: $250

2. Subscription

          Pay a recurring monthly or annual fee and receive unlimited calls and hourly services for a discounted rate.

3. Flat Fee

          Negotiate a flat fee for any particular project

Need-Based Fees. We do not wish to turn anyone away in need of our services based on financial difficulties. If your household income is between 200% and 400% of the federal poverty level, we offer reduced fees. If your household income is below 200%, then you may qualify for free legal services and should click on our 'Access to Justice' page for additional resources.

For 2020

Family Size                  200% of Federal Poverty Level        400% of Federal Poverty Level

1                                                  $25,520                                               $51,040

2                                                  $34,480                                               $69,960

3                                                  $43,440                                               $86,880

4                                                  $52,400                                               $104,800

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